Tips for Finding the right equipment financing company when you are looking to finance equipment

When looking at different options to get the equipment you need, either to expand or to follow the competition, you can check equipment financing.


If you can use second hand equipment, this could be a good choice for you as it is much cheaper and you don’t pay for expensive fees.

Financing used equipment is a little different from financing new equipment and when you look in the equipment finance companies there are a few things to be aware of.

First, make sure the equipment finance companies actually offer to lease second hand equipment.

Because of red tape and greater effort in financing the equipment used, the preparation and processing of the Agency and the equipment is older, many finance companies do not offer loans of equipment.

Looking for a company that not the only loan on the equipment used, but sell the equipment for their supplies.

This can help the terms of lease and financing options if they want to get rid of some of their stock.

Make sure the company is not too rigid in their loan conditions and don’t have too many restrictions.

Some companies have strict rules on funding used equipment.

They can only provide loans on a 5-year-old equipment or newer, less than 100 000 miles or a limiting condition for 36 months or less.


Your business or your needs may not correspond to the criteria of the business.

If they can’t meet your needs there are companies that can.

Every business is different and can be in different financial situations.

You try to build a relationship with finance companies and they should be able to meet your needs.

Choose a company financing tool that does not use a third-party assessment.

This is especially true for loans less than 150 000.

The company must be quite familiar with the equipment they will need to get the third assessment and especially that you pay for the appraisal.

You should be able to effectively convey the State of the equipment so that the assessment is not required.