Construction & Heavy Equipment Financing:

Get start-up finance to lease heavy equipment for your business

Construction & Heavy Equipment Financing


New business owners need important equipment such as trucks, trailers, a backhoe, excavator, grader, and other, but found that they could not qualify for financing.

Although new business owners have jobs lined up or contracts in place that will generate revenue to make the payments, they will face rejection for new business financing.

This dilemma should not be limited to the owner of a start-up business either.

Even established construction businesses often found out that a bank or financial company declined an important loan.

The reason why?

The latest impact of the sub-prime loan mess of housing has been migrated to the business community.

Banks tighten up on micro-credit that they used to make with regularity.

What’s the solution?

Construction & Heavy Equipment Financing companies like us, which have financing lease in their inventory.

There are hundreds of pieces of quality used heavy equipment in the status of off-lease owned by heavy equipment leasing companies.

They are quality pieces of equipment that is returned to the lessor at the end of term or default.

Why is this good for your business?

As a lease-financing company we don’t want this equipment on a book.

Every piece of equipment that is still in the status of off-lease is costing us money.

As such, we offer a better thing for buyers.

This is good news for your company because you can qualify for financing on more relaxed lease financing we offer with the excess inventory on hand.

Depending on the type and age of equipment, we can offer a warranty for the equipment as well.

In short, you now have an alternative if you don’t qualify for conventional financing leases or bank that said no to your heavy equipment financing requests.